Accommodation Form

Accessing and Using the Forms

Employees seeking an ADA accommodation may complete the accommodation request form linked below and submit it along with medical documentation of the disability to initiate the interactive process.

These PDF documents can be downloaded here:

Accommodation Request Form

ADA Medical Certification Form 2020

Please take note that no accommodation request can be processed without the attachment of a medical provider's certification of the employee's disability. The Office for Accessibility and Gender Equity has provided a Medical Certification Form (found above) to support employees in obtaining this information from their medical providers.

Spring 2021 COVID-19 Related Accommodations

Employees seeking accommodations related to medical conditions that the CDC guidelines have identified as related to increased COVID-19 risks must submit the COVID-19 accommodation request forms to initiate the interactive process.

How to Submit

The reasonable accommodation request form and the Medical Certification Form or letter on letterhead from the treating medical provider can be submitted electronically, faxed, or mailed. Once a form is submitted or a verbal request is made, the Office for Accessibility and Gender Equity will assign the request to an ADA Case Manager for processing.

Office for Accessibility and Gender Equity


Fax: (352) 392-5268

Process for Employee Accommodations

If you would like additional information on the interactive process for employee accommodations please visit the page linked below.

Process for Employee Accommodations


The Office for Accessibility and Gender Equity does not share medical information provided by the employee with the department or unit in which they work. The Office will only share information regarding the accommodation requested.