The Office for Accessibility and Gender Equity works with campus partners to implement the interactive process for workplace accommodations.

Employees with a disability may request an accommodation at any time. To learn more about the ADA and what constitutes a disability or an accommodation, visit the FAQ page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Employee Accommodation Request Forms

Employees seeking an ADA accommodation may complete the web-based accommodation request form below along with medical documentation of the disability to initiate the interactive process.

These forms can be accessed here:

Accommodation Request Form

ADA Medical Certification Form

Please take note that no accommodation request can be processed without the attachment of a medical provider's certification of the employee's disability. The Office for Accessibility and Gender Equity has provided a Medical Certification Form (found above) to support employees in obtaining this information from their medical providers. To learn more about what to ask your doctor visit the link provided below.

The accommodation request form has an option to upload documents so that you may include this information with your accommodation request.

Medical Documentation

Volunteer and Job Applicant Accommodations

Volunteers and job applicants seeking an accommodation may connect with the ADA office using the link below to initiate the interactive process.

Volunteer & Job Applicant Accommodation Request

ADA Grievance & Notice of Discrimination Form

To access the ADA Grievance & Notice of Discrimination Form to file a complaint, click on the link below.

ADA Grievance & Notice of Discrimination Form

How to Submit

These forms can be submitted as an email attachment with any relevant documentation you wish to be considered.

1) In the upper left-hand corner of the opened document
2) Click on File, then Save As on a local drive to keep a copy Click on File, then Send by Email
3) In the newly opened email window,
4) Type in the TO field, then Click Send

If you would like assistance in completing these forms please contact the Office for Accessibility and Gender Equity at (352) 273-3721.

Process for Employee Accommodations

If you would like additional information on the interactive process for employee accommodations please visit the page linked below.

Process for Employee Accommodations


The Office for Accessibility and Gender Equity does not share medical information provided by the employee with the department or unit in which they work. The Office will only share information regarding the accommodation requested.