Medical Documentation

What to Ask Your Doctor

No accommodation(s) can be processed without medical documentation of the disability. Physician statement, individual counselor statement, physical therapist statement, and occupational therapist statement are all appropriate and accepted statements. For those current employees with visible disabilities (disabilities such as but not limited to, chair user or other devices, visually impaired, hearing impaired/deaf) the accommodation will be provided pending submission of documentation.

The documentation provided by your doctor must include key information in order to be able to process your request.

  • Verification that the employee has a disability
  • Description of how employee's limitations impair the ability to perform the duties of their job
  • Indication of whether these limitations are temporary or permanent
  • Recommendation on necessary accommodation(s)

If the letter from your doctor does not contain these elements you should follow up with them and request a revision.

Medical Certification Form

The Office for Accessibility and Gender Equity has created a form that employees can use to simplify the process of obtaining medical documentation for a disability. Download the fillable form and complete the fields required prior to submitting the signed form to the Office.

ADA Medical Certification Form


The Office for Accessibility and Gender Equity does not share medical information provided by the employee with the department or unit in which they work. The Office will only share information regarding the accommodation requested.