The University of Florida’s goal is to provide students, faculty, staff, and visitors with disabilities an open and welcoming campus by eliminating barriers, working to avoid creating barriers and continually striving to improve the seamless accessibility of our campus, programs, and activities. We strive to go beyond minimal compliance by working collaboratively throughout all areas of our campus to ensure equity and promoting the most accessible campus possible.

Employee Accommodation

Employees with disabilities have the right to receive the reasonable accommodations that will enable them to complete their duties. There are many forms of accommodations that can be made to ensure equal access such as modified shifts, duties, work location/environment, etc. the UF ADA Office processes employee accommodation requests through the Interactive Process

Volunteer Accommodation

Official UF volunteers enjoy the same rights as UF employees in terms of processing reasonable accommodation requests through our office. UF volunteers- like employees- must follow the Interactive Process.

Applicant Accommodation

Applicants with disabilities are protected under ADA. Any reasonable accommodation needed throughout the job application process may be granted by this office. Submit requests directly to the ADA Coordinator.

Event & Visitor Accommodation

Every event or activity held at the University  must be accessible for all attendees. This requires thoughtful planning by the event planner(s). Planners must keep in mind the physical needs of attendees with disabilities. The UF ADA Office can assist in connecting planners and attendees to the right resources for accessible parking, interpreters, and other assistive tools.

Pregnancy Accommodation

Pregnancy in itself is not a disability as defined by the ADA. However, some pregnancy-related conditions constitute a disability. Should an employee or volunteer require an accommodation on the basis on a disability, they must follow the Interactive Process.

Emergency Evacuation Assistance & Accommodation

Emergency evacuation protocols for people with disabilities are often overlooked. Preparing a plan tailored for each individual’s needs in the event of an emergency is the first step. The UF Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Office, along with Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) and the University Police Department (UPD), will gladly provide consultation for creating and executing an inclusive evacuation plan for any department or building.