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Coalition of Disabled Gators and Allies

The UF Coalition of Disabled Gators and Allies (CDGA) promotes inclusivity and welcomes individuals in the UF community who identify as having a disability or are allies/accomplices. Membership is open to part-time or full-time staff and faculty, post-doctoral researchers/fellows, graduate students, and retirees as affiliate members. Currently, CDGA operates as an online community providing networking and support on various disability-related topics. They plan to expand to in-person events in the future and welcome input and contributions to help grow their offerings.

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Student Organizations

Delta Alpha Pi

Delta Alpha Pi is an honor society founded to recognize high-achieving students with disabilities who are attending colleges and universities as undergraduate or graduate students. Delta Alpha Pi aims to facilitate conversations on disability and accessibility, promote self-advocacy, and engage in community events on disability-related topics.

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Disability Ambassadors

The Disability Ambassadors are a diverse group of students working to promote accessibility, inclusivity, and empowerment of disability identity. The group promotes disability as a valued aspect of diversity through student-led education and outreach efforts.

Disability Ambassadors