Applicant Accommodation

A Fair Application Process

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), employers are required to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified job applicants with disabilities to ensure they have an equal opportunity to compete for job opportunities. These accommodations aim to eliminate barriers in the application process.

Potential Applicant Accommodations

Here are some examples of ADA accommodations that may be implemented for UF job applicants:

Accessible Application Process

  • Providing accessible application forms or offering alternative formats (e.g., large print, electronic format, or Braille) for individuals with visual impairments.
  • Allowing applicants to submit applications through alternative methods, such as email or in-person, if online applications pose a barrier.

Assistive Technology and Devices

  • Providing screen reading software or other assistive technology for applicants with vision or reading disabilities.
  • Making sure that computers and other equipment are compatible with various assistive devices.

Extended Time for Assessments

  • Offering additional time for completion of pre-employment tests or assessments to individuals with cognitive or processing disabilities.

Alternate Interview Methods

  • Conducting interviews via video conference or phone to accommodate applicants who face difficulties with in-person interviews due to mobility issues or social anxiety.
  • Allowing for a written response to interview questions for individuals who may find it challenging to articulate verbally.

Accessible Interview Facilities

  • Ensuring that the interview location is accessible for individuals with mobility impairments, providing ramps or elevators as needed.

Interpreters and Communication Support

  • Providing sign language interpreters or captioning services for applicants who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Offering communication assistance for individuals with speech or language disabilities.

Flexible Work Arrangements for Testing or Assessment

  • Allowing applicants with disabilities to complete tests or assessments at an alternate time or location if the regular testing setup is inaccessible.

Bringing Personal Support

  • Allowing applicants to bring a personal assistant or support person to assist them during the application process.

Modifying Physical or Written Tests

  • Adjusting physical tests or exercises to accommodate an applicant’s disability, as long as it does not fundamentally alter the skills being tested.
  • Providing written materials in plain language or using illustrations to aid comprehension.

Request Job Application Accommodations

All ADA job application accommodation requests must be submitted directly to the ADA Coordinator, Russ Froman.

University of Florida – Americans with Disabilities (ADA)
Russell Froman, Esq., Ed.D.
ADA Coordinator
1908 Stadium Road | 427 Yon Hall
Phone: 352-273-1094